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Voopoo Vinci  Review

(Info and specs)

I checked the Vinci about a month ago and I liked it, but there were some problems that stopped me from giving it a complete endorsement. Namely, the plugin the filling hole was really easy to crack, the coils in the box were terrible, and I had a few misfires when I used it when I was plugged in. Let's see if Voopoo has dealt with these problems and if Vinci X is worth a buy.

For the intent of this study, Voopoo sent me this system free of charge.


The Voodoo Vinci X is the newest pod-style AIO in the Vinci series. It suits best with the word "pod mod" used by Voopoo for the previous two Vincis. The explanation for this is that the X is powered by a 18650 battery. The Vinci X is Longer and heavier than the original Vinci and Vinci R, and the 18650 makes it easier to shoot up to 70 watts. The voopoo vinci pod kit has the same wide color screen and the GENE. AI chip helps you to change your wattage and a few other choices.


Voopoo Vinci Specifications

  • Dimensions: 117 mm x 29 mm x 25 mm

  • Weight: 175 grams

  • Mod Material: Zinc alloy

  • Output: 5-70 watts

  • Output voltage: 3.2-4.2 volts

  • Resistance: 0.1-3.0 ohms

  • Battery: single 18650

  • Pod capacity: 5.5 mL of e liquid (TPD 2 mL)

  • Pod material: PCTG



Vinci mod pod Kit contents

1 x Vinci X device

1 x Vinci replacement pod (5.5 mL)

1 x PnP-VM1 coil (0.3 ohm)

1 x PnP-VM4 coil (0.6 ohm)

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual

1 x Warranty card

1 x Chip card


Build quality and design


As far as overall efficiency, Vinci X Pod System is in the same league as the previous Vincis. It's a robust and well-built unit, and the X's extra heft thanks to its larger scale and the 18650 battery lets it feel much better put together. But with around 175 grams and 18650 in, the Vinci X Pod System is heavier than many single-battery mods. If you want a lightweight, pocketable AIO, this isn't going to be the one I will tell you for sure.


I weighed the Leonardo da Vinci (with a pod) at 117 mm by 29 mm by 25 mm. The discrepancy with the previous Vinci is more noticeable in height since it is around one and a half centimeters taller. There is also a small variation in the diameter, but the unit narrows down to the top to balance the width of the pod.

The last time I was disappointed I got a basic carbon fiber version and looking at the INK that I received this time, I was right. The paint job on these voopoo Vinci pod kit is top-notch, and I like the fake texture impact they've had. And the small details that work with it; the buttons have a pleasing click with no ratchet at all, and the battery cap is threaded effortlessly, giving the Vinci mod a more premium look and feel. I kind of wish it had one of those push-to-open battery trays, as this one takes a little longer to get off and back on again, but I got used to it after a while.


There are no improvements to the Vinci mod pod system—they are silicone, the mouthpiece has a rather ergonomic shape, and the cutouts on the sides allow for two choices for ventilation. But again, you're going to have to be very careful not to snap the silicone plug of the filling port, which was one of the biggest grips I had with the original Vinci. I was sort of hoping they'd resolve it because I'm pretty sure it's bothersome for most of the people. Let's hope at some stage they take care and redesign the plug.

Getting Underway on the Vinci Pod

vinci mod pod kit

The Vinci mod pod kit X functions the same way as the original Vinci, with just a few slight variations.

Start by removing the threaded battery cap at the bottom of the unit and installing a fully charged 18650 battery (check our favorite 18650 batteries here and make sure you purchase one that can handle the wattage). First, start the coil with five drops of juice and drive it inside the pod. Now you can carefully unplug the (fragile) silicone plug and fill the pod with e-liquid.


Make sure you scan the cutouts on the side of the pod to pick the airflow you prefer—both options are limited to DL and there's no major difference between them, but it's obvious. When you're done, give the pod five minutes for the coil to saturate, and then press the launch button five times to turn on the unit.


The Vinci X will ask you to set the time at that point, which will be used to measure your puffs per day and to show the data for the last 14 days. Unfortunately, setting the time would not be much of a use to you if you charge your batteries externally (which you should), as it would be reset shortly after you remove the battery from the unit. It also appears to randomly uninstall everyday buffs when the battery is replaced, meaning that the entire buff counter can quickly get sloppy after a while.

Voopoo Vinci

Keep the fire button pressed until you're done, and you'll see the device's home screen. Wattage is adjusted dynamically, based on the coil used. The X is rated at 70 watts, but none of the available coils reaches 40 watts, and the chip restricts the max-watt device—which is a fantastic feature. I Hope Voopoo will introduce better-rated coils in the future.


The menu is well thought out and very simple.

Switch the computer on and off with five clicks of the power button.

Click + or – to change the wattage.

Pressing + and – join the PUFF interface together.

Pressing fire and – together, reset your daily puff number.

Pressing fire and + together lock the unit (you can't fire it or change the wattage while it's locked).

Pressing all three keys at the same time will access the clock app (you can adjust the time with + and-).


Notice that the system will go to sleep if left idle for a while, and you'll need to push the fire button to wake it up. After a bit, this might get a little irritating, but it's not a big deal. Finally, the GENE.AI chip can be upgraded by using Voopoo software and installing the new firmware from the company's website. There are currently no updates online, but hopefully, they'll start arriving soon.

Voopoo Vinci 40W X performance


The Vinci X arrives in the box with two coils:


PnP-VM1 mesh coil (0.3 ohms) rated at 32-40 watts

PnP-VM4 mesh coil (0.6 ohms) rated at 20-28 watts


I addressed the 0.3-ohm coil in the coil heads and output parts of my Vinci analysis, but I will provide some more feedback after I've spent a lot of time with it since then. This coil is definitely the one you like if you want a little more airflow and cooler steam. Outside the bum coils that came with my original Vinci, every other 0.3-ohm coil I tried was reliable. Coil life isn't perfect, but overall, it's a decent coil, and better than the typical AIO coil when it comes to flavor and steam production.


Voopoo has opted to replace the standard 0.8 wire coil that came with the original Vinci with the 0.6-ohm PnP-VM4 mesh coil. I didn't notice it at first—Vinci X bared so many similarities to the original Vinci that I was persuaded that Voopoo didn't stir it up with the coils. Voopoo has contacted us about it, and after three days of using the coil, it has already been my favorite. I'm using it for 20 mg nicotine salt juice and it's a perfect match for me. I didn't even feel the need to adjust the default wattage—the 24 watts the system sets to feel just right. It does not generate as much steam as the 0.3 ohm coil, but the taste is similar, if not stronger. And it's very effective, too. It took me nearly 400 puffs to drain the pod, and there was still some juice left in the battery!

As with the standard 0.8-ohm coil that came with the original pod, the 0.6-ohm coil in virtually every way makes it redundant. It could get a little tighter than the 0.6, but it sure isn't a satisfactory MTL, if that's what you're after. In comparison, it is more vulnerable to flooding and leaks than the other two coils.



The only use I saw for the original Vinci was for 20+ mg nicotine salts, as the 0.3-ohm coil was too strong for salts. But now that the 0.6-ohm coil is doing too well, there's not any need to try it.

Remember that all coils will flood a little if left unused for a while, particularly if the pods are low on E-liquid. It's more of a 0.8 coil problem, but sometimes it happens to the others as well.



I recommend keeping the pod at least halfway loaded, if necessary. As far as the device is concerned, the auto-fire problem of the original Vinci is no longer important as the device does not accept the pass. On top of that, the draw activation option is broken—the X is still button-activated. To be honest, I found that drawing activation created more problems than it did, but that's not always a negative thing. Finally, I'm not going to worry about battery life and charging in this review; with the X being reversible 18650, I suggest using an external adapter instead of an on-board charger.




Plus's and Negatives

Strong quality construction


Colorful editions look terrific


A comfortable mouthpiece


Contains 5.5 ml of juice


Strong magnets


The screen is clear, the font is easy to read


Smooth threading of the battery cap


Two options for airflow Based on the way the pod is inserted


The GENE chip is accurate and easy to fire


The chip automatically sets the wattage


A two-week buff counter can be helpful.


Takes a battery of 18650



Compatible with 5 PnP coils


0.3-ohm coil packs a punch 0.6-ohm coil is very flavorful and ideal for low to mid-strength nic salts.


Smooth flow of air


Bulky and very hard for the AIO


Silicone plug splits quickly


Goes on standby if it's not used for a while


A little bit of leakage under the pods


Time resets every time the battery is replaced


May remove the day puffs from the counter when removing the battery


No coils available Go more than 40 watts



Voopoo Vinci Pod Review Final Thoughts


From a consistency point of view, the Voodoo Vinci X is a system that I would suggest. The 0.3-ohm coils are flavorful and generate a ton of vapor, and the 0.6-ohm coils provide a perfect compromise between output and power usage and are great for mid-strength nic salts. (Unfortunately, there are no coils that already take advantage of the 70-watt rating of the system, though they should be coming soon.) But at the same time, Vinci X is a very big and heavy system as far as AIOs are concerned.


I don't think it's a problem—the Innokin Z-Biip has a comparable footprint and weight, and it's also in my regular rotation—but it might be for certain people.

I was glad to see that Voopoo got rid of the pass-through, which removed the mishap I had with the initial Vinci—though it's advisable to charge the battery on an external adapter anyway.


On the downside of things, filling the port plugs is always flimsy and easy to crack. I always hope they'll resolve it in the future, but I'd advise you to get a couple of contingency pods just in case. The majority of the setbacks are slight, and nothing an upgrade to the firmware will remedy. All in all, if you're all right about the scale and weight of the Vinci X, I'm asking you to go for it.








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