Hps Grow Lights

Hps Grow Lights

If you are planning to grow indoors with HPS grow lights, you may be interested in learning about the best types of HPS grow lights of 2021!

Many new growers prefer this type of lighting because it is inexpensive, clear, and delivers thick, brilliant blossoms.

But they all look the same. This can be difficult when one has several options to choose from.

Don't Worry , as we are about to show you the best HPS grow lights of the year in the year 2021

And for those who plan on using an MH bulb during veg, we will share a bulb you can use with each of these, so you can give your plants a full spectrum of lighting when they need each!

Let’s start by talking about HPS technology in general, and lay out the criteria we followed when making this list of grow lights top contenders. 

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SE600 Grow Light System with Ceramic HPS lamp HX66770 HX90013

Special Price:

























DE 1000W 480V Open Commercial System PHDEOK15


























Why Do Some Growers Still Use HPS, Despite The Popularity Of CMH & LED?

You know the huge impact grow lights have on the process of raising a plant from seed to plant in an outdoor garden.In the marketable plants are getting LED; you're probably also aware that those who are willing to invest money in growing beautiful, resinous plants seem to go with LEDs these days.

Some growers choose to use CMH (as opposed to LED) if it is not available. These are both more efficient, and better for growing plants, respectively.

Now we have considered all this, why do some growers still consider HPS grow lights best? For many people, it comes down to usability, costs, and familiarity.

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Growers Choice 600W Double Ended MH Bulb, 10,000K





























SunMaster 400W MH Red Sunrise Lamp 3200K "Base Up"

























HPS Grow Lights Are A Lower Investment


There's no contest between the expense of a 1000 watt HPS light and the 1000w alternative, such as the Gavita Pro LED. An HPS unit costs $300-400, while an LED lamp would usually cost over $1,000.

That’s not to say there aren’t cheaper options out there in the LED market - take Covert LED’s for example. These are reasonably priced LED grow lights built to last, and a great option for any grower on a budget. Even still, some growers prefer the simplicity of HPS grow lights.


HPS Grow Lights Are Goat

A lot of growers have always used HPS grow lights, and are hesitant to change their technology because new isn’t always better! 

While we may not be able to agree with you that HPS grow lights are superior to LED’s in terms of performance, cost savings, etc, we do understand that everyone has their own opinions and preferences.

So if you just flat out prefer HPS technology, and want the best HPS grow light you can get, you’re in the right place. Let’s quickly go over our criteria for selecting the best HPS grow light this year.

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What Differentiates the best HPS grow lights

Our standard rules of thumb are:

Our best posts here at Hydrobuilder are designed according to strict grow light standards. We only bring to market goods that we believe are better than competing brands.

in choosing the right horticultural lighting, we looked at these factors:



Construction - When it comes to the construction of your fixture, all metals are not equal. Fixtures are prone to breaking easily and aren't meant to last long Since growing rooms usually have very stringent requirements, this is extremely essential.

Heat Dispersion-It's no secret that HPS equipment generates more heat. However, manufacturers have been working hard to refine their designs to help with heat dissipation. Air-cooled, unaided fixtures better disperse heat and away from the canopy, while assisted fixtures move it more efficiently. Materials are less heat-retaining here. To learn more about controlling develop room temperature, check out our blog post.



Reflectivity -The most important thing to know when you are selecting a good HPS grow light lighting system is to look at the fixture's reflectivity. Of greater importance, how does a fixture retain its reflectivity over time? many reflectors quickly deteriorate inefficiency, which we certainly do not want For more details, see our article on the best grow light reflectors.



Lifespan - Many light fixtures have a bulb. Some high-quality HPS lights maintain their efficiency for longer than others. The most critical aspect of a bulb's life cycle is not the amount of time but how it's managed. we also considered a fixture and ballast design, as well as performance.



Cost - Although all the above was taken into consideration, we found the lights that provide the greatest bang for the buck.

We're certain that you will be able to find an HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] fixture that will meet your needs on this page. Since you've done your research, let's see the best HPS growth lights in 2021!

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ePapillon 1000W Light Fixture & Bulb

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HBX 600 Watt Dimmable Wing Grow Light Kit

$215.95 - $265.95

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What Makes The  Best HPS Grow Light Fixtures Of 2021?

This is a list of our top HPS lights, which are commercial-oriented and meant for commercial expanding facilities: The hobbies will be mentioned first.



Best HPS Grow Lights For Hobbyists

Much of the best horticultural lighting for hobbyists will be SE (single-ended). See our detailed article on the differences between SE and DE grow lights here.

But, in contrast, these are only marginally lower-cost options. Commercial farmers prefer to use DE lights because of that. The increase in bumpiness due to the number of lights increases.



VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light




















  • FEATURES Include:

    * Generator ready
    * Runs MH or HPS lamps
    * Energy efficient operation
    * Silent operation and light-weight
    * High Efficiency electronic ballast
    * High output and improved spectrum
    * Driver efficiency at full power: 95-96%
    * Dimmable and multi-wattage with boost
    * Completely sealed against the elements
    * 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W AND 1150W performance
    * No acoustic resonance & lower harmonic distortion
    * Ballast settings can be controlled remotely using our B.Lite Controller (sold separately)



DE 1000W 277/347V Commercial Enclosed System Non-Dimmable PHDESK16
























Product Description

Proven Phantom performance & reliability in a cost-effective solution for large commercial installations

  • 277V commercial voltage

  • 2100 mol/s 1000W HPS lamp

  • 93% efficient reflector design

  • Only 10.1 lbs to reduce structure load


  • Phantom Ballast non-dimmable 1000W

  • Digilux Pro 2100 mol/s European arc tube 1000W HPS lamp

  • Enclosed reflector design constructed from European, 95% reflective hammertone aluminum

  • Cast reflector armature design for easy snap-in reflector maintenance

  • Passively cooled design ensures rapid heat dissipation

  • European-made VS K12 x 30S high temperature lamp holders

  • Bulk package option for reduced freight and package disposal

  • Patent pending reflector design

  • CE, CSA, and FCC certifications


  • Phantom Core DE ballast & armature

  • Enclosed design reflector

  • Digilux Pro 2100 mol/s EU arc tube 1000W HPS lamp

  • 8 power cord with L7-15P plug for 277V power  

  • Wire hangers for easy strut mounting



Best HPS Grow Lights For Commercial Growers

Now, we will explore the best lights for large-scale commercial growth.

Double-ended options can come with additional feature-richness and customization. They are built from better materials. Let's start with the most famous one out of the lot.






1.Gavita HGC906087 Pro E-Series 6/750e DE Flex Light Fixture 120/240 Volt Comes With 8' 240V Power Cord White/Silver


Product Description

Electronics and assimilation lighting has been a topic of discussion and debate for quite some time. A perfect solution is now available. The ePapillon offers many advantages over conventional luminaires. Quite simply, it uses the same amount energy to produce more light. This is achieved by combining a superior reflector (95% efficiency) with the brighter Double Ended 1000 watt EL lamp. Giving the ePapillon package the highest PAR output per watt.
1000w adjustable ultra high frequency ballast (Range: 600-1150w).
Higher density Vega aluminum reflector with only 1% annuel depreciation.
Patented open reflector design increases effiency to 95%, promoting longer bulb life due to reduced heat build up.
lncludes: Double Ended 1000w EL lamp.
Driver efficiency> 95%.
Sealed housing with Gore-Tex ventilation plug allows for extreme air pressure fluxuation.
Lamp & Reflector easily replaceable.
3 Year warranty on fixture, 1 year on bulb



















2.ePapillon 1000W Light Fixture & Bulb




























3.1000W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V)

The 1000W Hypotek Ballast 120/240V Dimmable Ballast emits an average of 15-20% more lumens than magnetic ballasts, which equals bigger yields for you! Dimmable to S-Bright 100%, 75% or 50% these Ballasts.
The 1000W Hypotek Ballast 120/240V Dimmable Ballast emits an average of 15-20% more lumens than magnetic ballasts, which equals bigger yields for you! Dimmable to S-Bright 100%, 75% or 50% these Ballasts are more efficient and quieter, and produce more natural light. The 1000W Hypotek Ballast 120/240V Dimmable Ballast operates both MH and HPS lamps, and has an internal resin coating for extra protection and longer life. An external breaker prevents damage.























HIGH FREQUENCY DIMMABLE BALLAST: High frequency digital dimmable ballast 120V-240V designed specifically for Double Ended Grow Lamps 1000W (HPS/MH), adjustable to 600/750/1000/1150W output.

  • HIGH REFLECTIVITY RATING: Sturdy reflective hood is made of German aluminum rated at 95% reflectivity, with excellent color rendering and outstanding high quality, and the high quality lamp holder.

  • FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT: Includes a Super HPS Double Ended 1000W HPS Bulb, high PAR 2100um+ output, providing 35% more available energy than Standard HPS Lamp bulb.

  • ALL COMPONENTS INCLUDED: Each MIXJOY Grow Light Kit system includes 1x Aluminum Reflector, 1x Digital dimmable ballast (120V-240V), 1x Double Ended HPS 1000W bulb, 1x Pair of 8-ft adjustable ratchet clip hanger Rope, 1x 8FT Power cord(120V/240V adapter included).

  • MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: ETL Certified to ensure the Digital Dimmable Ballast 3 years warranty, DE HPS 1000W Bulb has 1 year warranty. For the Optimal Performance, the bulb should be replaced once a year.


Closing thoughts on the best high-pressure sodium lamps 2021


Now that you know what HPS grow lights are the experts recommend, it's just a matter of deciding which one will suit your requirements.

Even if you aren't certain, or if you want us to have a suggestion, please contact us!

Learn more about our technology-of-of-the-the-the-the-year reviews.

ePapillon 1000W Light Fixture & Bulb
SE600 Grow Light System with Blue lamp HX57821 HX90040
CMH315 Grow Light System HX90001
B.Lite De.Lite + All-in-One Fixture w/ 1
DE 1000W 277/347V Commercial Enclosed System Non-Dimmable PHDESK16
SE600 Grow Light System with Ceramic HPS lamp HX66770 HX90013
600w Digilux Digital HPS Bulb DX600HPS
SunMaster 400W MH Red Sunrise Lamp 3200K
DE 1000W 277/347V Commercial Enclosed System Non-Dimmable PHDESK16
ePapillon 1000W Light Fixture & Bulb
1000W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast M


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