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Product intro and specifications


The Aegis X is the latest dual-18650 mod from popular vape manufacturer Geekvape. It is rated at 220 watts, features an impressive 2.4-inch color screen, and is powered by an updated AS 2.0 chipset. Like the rest of the Aegis x line, the X comes with IP67 certification for dust and water resistance.


Geekvape has a proven track record in mod production. The Aegis vape series has become very popular for being robust and reliable, and the Nova was one of my favorite mods for 2018. I've recently reviewed the Aegis Squonk vape, which I found to be one of the best squonk mods on the market. The company has quietly become one of the top vape mod manufacturers, so let's see if the Aegis X vape can live up to expectations.


ECblend  sent me this mod for the purpose of this review The Aegis X vape. 





















Price: $59.95

Colors: Green, gold, orange, rainbow, silver, gunmetal, red, black

Kit Specs



Size: 128.9 mm x 31.5 mm x 41.2 mm


Input voltage: 6.2-8.4 volt.


5.5mL e-juice capacity


Voltage output: 0.1-12 volts


temperature control suite


Resistance range: 0.05-3 ohm


Charge specification: 5V/2A


Power output: 5-200 watts/ dual high amp 18650 5-200W Output Range. 0.05-3.0ohms Resistance. 200°-600°F / 100°-415°C Temperature


Range. IP67 Rated for Water, Shock, and Dust Proofing.


Regulation of temperature: 100-315 C/200-600 F


Specification of the battery: Dual-18650 batteries dual high amp 18650 Batteries with the bottom hinged battery door lithium-ion lipo


Bubble Glass - Super Mesh Coil System - Compatible with TFV8 Baby Coils - Quarter-Turn Top Fill


High Resistance Over Heating Protection Short-Circuit Protection Reverse Polarity Protection Over Charge Protection Over-Discharge screen bottom-hinged battery mesh coil

(polymer and any rechargeable batteries)


Kit (contents)


1 x mod of Aegis X 


1 x USB cord


1 x Manual of consumers


Super mesh coil

non-conductive container

stainless steel


First Impressions of the Geek Vape 


I liked the concept a lot when I first got this mod. I've used and tested the entire Aegis line of vapes and have always been a fan of their design. I've got the Signature Orange one, and the "leather" on this one isn't leather, but a soft fabric that looks and feels amazing.


It is very similar to the Aegis Legend, with the biggest difference being the huge 2.4-inch OLED color screen on the side. Overall, if you've ever used the Aegis mod before you know what to expect here.


I would like to point out one more thing: I got the mod on its own for this review, but it also comes in the edition of the kit with the Cerberus tank. Not a big fan of this tank personally—the Geekvape Alpha is newer and better, and the tank should have been included in this kit.

Manufacturing Quality 



The Aegis X Vape is a strong, well-built, and well-designed mod. It has the same tactical appearance as the rest of the line. It's a little lighter than the Aegis Legend Vape, and it feels fantastic in the side. Its size is average for the dual-18650 mod, almost the same as the Aegis Legend. The mod features a huge 2.4-inch OLED color screen that almost covers the entire side of the mod and is very transparent and light.


Like all Aegis mods, the mod is mainly black and has a thick rubber coating that covers much of it. The color choice itself is the accent panel around the side of the mod and the color of the smooth, cloth-like material that reaches the palm.


The panel of the Signature Orange has a cool matte finish, while the material is dark gray. It looks amazing and provides a nice contrast to it. Branding has been kept plain. There's a Geekvape logo above the screen and an Aegis vape one in white just below the adjustment keys. Nothing over the end, but I think the white "Aegis" writing looks a little out of place.


The sliding latch battery door is the same as the Aegis Legend. Once the batteries are in you, you have to slam it closed, make sure the latch is safe. Not a huge fan of it in person, but it's better than getting doors to unscrew. Since it is an IP67-rated mod, the magnetic side door cannot be used, so this version makes sense.



As far as the menu is concerned, it is the standard Geekvape menu structure, with one exception. There is a Fixed submenu that lets you change a variety of settings. The menu has an Auto option that isn't explained on their site or manual, so I switched it off and left it that way.


There is also a Theme setting that swaps between the three UI settings, a Color setting to adjust the color of the UI, a Version to check the firmware version, a Reset option, and an AAB setting with a battery meter next to it. Again, this one hasn't clarified anywhere. Here's a short rundown of the basic process.

Five clicks on the fire button to turn on and off.


To enter the menu mode, use three clicks of the fire button.

Use up and down to pick the profile (M1 to M5) and press fire to approve it.

Use up and down to scroll through the mode and fire to approve it.

Using up and down to change the settings for each mode in the sub-menu.

Keep on fire to accept the mode and its settings.


Fire + up or down to change the brightness of the screen.

Up + down to lock the adjustment keys, but the mod can still be activated.

Keep up and down when you are in the menu to enter the Set Submenu.



Overall, the menu is simple to navigate, particularly if you have used other Geekvape mods in the past. But they do need to do a better job of illustrating the functionality in their manual, so I'm going to do that.

User Friendliness 


The Aegis X Vape is filled with features and modes like most Geekvape mods. You have Power mode with Mild, Regular and Strong preheat options (which is a new feature of their mods), Temp Control (SS, Ni200, Ti, and TCR), Watt Curve Mode (VPC), and Bypass Mode. It also uses a basic TCR, which is entirely adjustable in TCR mode but not adjustable in presets. It has almost every mode a vaper will like without being overbearing.

The key difference between the X and the other Aegis mods, however, is that it uses five profile memory slots that you can configure and turn on the fly. For eg, I had one setup for Power mode, one setup for TC mode, and one setup for Watt Curve mode. So, instead of having to change a lot of settings, I was only able to change the profile. That's a pretty nice feature, particularly if you like vaping in a variety of modes.

Geekvape Vape Includes AS 2.0 chipset


which is the newer iteration of the chip used in the Aegis x vape Legend and Nova modes. The Geekvape AS chip series is one of the best in vaping, so we'll see how it's going to hold up.

Research on this mod has been performed with fully charged Sony VTC5A batteries.


They list the specs at 200 watts and 12 volts, but they do not list the limit of the amp. I wish they were all three. During my test, the max reached was 220 watts, so the rating was outstanding at 200 watts—if not a little underestimated.


The limit of the amp I got was 43, which is slightly above average for the dual 18650 battery mod these days. The average is around 40. The volt limit I got with a 0.63-ohm coil was 11,781 volts, which is very similar to their defined spec and shows that it has a boost circuit—which is amazing as most dual 18650 battery mods don't. The 12-volt rating is correct and there is a possibility that it could even be a little higher because the watts were maxed out at this voltage.

The Mod Adjustments For Geekvape Aegis X Vape Kit

increments below 100 in 0.1-watt and increments above 100 in full-watt, and you can also keep the scroll button hard. During my test, the mod did a fantastic job of not getting heated. It never failed, and it was pretty reliable, even within a watt or two of the environment. You can see the full results of the evaluation in the table above.



Temperature control performance For Aegis X Mod 

I checked four builds using SS316L wire in SS mode.

One basic single coil round.

A single round dual coil.

One fancy single-coil wire is being installed.

One fancy dual-coil wire structure.



The Aegis X Vape has a complete 200-watt cap

available for temperature control to burn that e-liquid just right, but sadly it suffers from the same problem as some Voopoo Vape and Rincoe mods: even if you can set it that high, it won't perform anywhere near as close. For eg, a 0.1-ohm build that's fantastic at 120 watts in power mode won't even heat up in TC mode and displays up to a 50-watt output on the screen. That was a disappointment, particularly because I've never had any similar problems with any of their previous mods.


Clearomizer Replacement Head - Geekvape - Super Mesh X1 Coil - 5 Pack













Sub ohm Tank (Aegis x Vape Mod)











If I used a smaller construction that needed less than 50 watts (like my first single round wire construction), I was able to get warm steam around the 430-440 F level. So, it's around 10-20 degrees warm, which is fine as you can adapt to taste with plenty of wiggle space. It throttles smoothly and has a decent dry impact safety. I get a consistent vape every time, but unless you're using a very low-watt MTL build, you'll find it ramps up pretty slow compared to other mods.


Technically, the TCR should be 92 for SS316 wire (88-92) but, as for the other Geekvape modes, the default for SS mode is 105. (which is the TCR for SS304 wire). Even, the fact that you can only use the default SS mode for the most common SS wire used in vaping without modification is a positive thing, regardless of the TCR number.

Overall, I've never been able to pass a mod with a power cap like this, and particularly one that lets you set it as much as you can when it can't do it. But if you're steaming at low wattages or MTL, it's going to work well for you.



Pros and Cons

Strong quality construction

Nice rubber coating IP67 classified

Eight choices for color

Precisely rated for watts

The strong output of the total power mode

Handles 26 mm atomizers without overhang

Affordable price

Strong limit of the amp

Wat Curve Mode

Nicely built and easy to use the menu

Excellent mass 2.4-inch wide color screen

2-amp charging that is specifically rated

Circuit Boost

No listing of max amps

Not the kind of battery door fan

Can't get a full watt in TC mode

geek vape aegis
geek vape aegis
geek vape aegis
geek vape aegis

Conclusion Final Thoughts on the Aegis X Vape Mod

Overall, Geekvape has done a great job with this mod. I've always been a fan of line design and performance, and the Aegis X lives up to expectations. If you don't use TC mode and prefer mods with wide color displays, it's an outstanding mod and worth buying. Especially because they use a boost circuit that only a few businesses use for dual-battery modifications.


If you use TC mode, though, it's going to be a pass, and you'd be better off with Nova—the Aegis Legend wasn't ideal for TC mode either, just for different reasons. I'm a little disappointed to see them taking a step back, since they've become one of the very few companies that have made inexpensive mass-produced mods with decent temp control performance over the past year. I hope they'll take this to their hearts and repair it on the next mod.


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